Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Summary

I thought it would be appropriate to start a journal for 2011 by taking a minute to look back through 2010...Good times and bad!  I have to admit - this has not been the best year for me but I believe that it has made me a stronger person.
I am very lucky to have my wonderful family that has been there for me this year - even when I gave up hope on several different occasions...they were always there to help me through.  I can not name everyone  but you know who you are....and....thank you and I love you all!

I will try to pick something from each month that stands out in my journey in life throughout 2010. I go... (you have been warned!!!)

JANUARY- I was put on STD (Short Term Disability) by my doctor...little did I know it would literally be months before I could return to Coke.  There were MANY test and prodecure with no diagnosis...

FEBRUARY - Pretty dull month as I remember.  I was still dealing with doctor appointment after doctor appointment...

MARCH - Finally - a release to go back to work.  I was looking forward to getting back on track and enjoying life - even though there is still no diagnosis and I was still having some of the same symptoms.  Even though I had my release I only works a short 2 weeks before I was put back on STD due to not being able to perform my job responsibilities 100%.

APRIL - Being back on STD I did a lot of sitting around the house - well...and going to doctor appointments! 

MAY - Mother's Day - What a wonderful and exciting day for me personally!  Through all the feeling down and out with all that was going on and still being out of work I had unexpected news - a positive home pregnancy test!!!  (Yes - I actually took the test on Mother's Day - though not thinking about it being Mother's Day at the time.)  My excitement shortly (and I mean very shortly - only 3 days) turned into pain, fear and an emergency trip to the hospital (for the 2nd time in 3 days).  I went into emergency surgery - ended up the unbearable pain was due to an ectopic pregnancy.  An over night stay in the hospital and I was back home.

JUNE - Still going to appointments...and you guessed it - no diagnosis yet. Katie graduated this month!  I am so proud of her!  She is a beautiful young lady!

JULY - Windell took me to see the play Grease at Northwest Florida State College this month - I love it!  I was released back to work close to the end of the moth - still no firm diagnosis but my primary doctor feels that I have a condition that causes my blood pressure to run lower than normal and/or just drop for no apparent reason...Neurocardiogenic Syncope (NCS).  (To read more on it...  Even though I have had all the symptoms of NCS I have never passed out (thankfully!).

AUGUST - If I remember correctly - this is the month that we found out that Katie and Justin are having a baby.  I was over come with emotions after all that happened in May - but still very happy and excited for them!  I am still looking forward to being Mimi and spoiling the little guy rotten!

SEPTEMBER - My birthday this month - yet it was another day that ended up not being the best for me this year...I miscarried one day before my birthday...thankfully it was a "regular miscarriage" and not another ectopic. 

OCTOBER - Windell went to an Alabama game this month.  I would like for him to be able to go to at least one a year...he enjoys it so much!  Windell ask me to marry him this month...yes I know...FINALLY - and of course I said yes!

NOVEMBER - I resigned from my position with Coca Cola this month.  It was a hard decision but I still feel like it was the best decision for me! 

DECEMBER - I love Christmas...the lights, the food, the "happiness" - and this year has been no different.  I have enjoyed the new path that my life has started to take and I am looking forward to a better 2011!

Ok....I know...bad I said...I am looking forward to a better 2011!

I hope to have enough self discipline to post something new at least every week...even though my life it pretty boring...I will try to think of something to reflect upon.  As for right now...I am glad to see 2010 coming to an end and I am looking forward to the upcoming year. 

My new years resolution...I have a few actually - first and foremost - be true to myself and never allow anyone to change who I am.  I would also like to loose a few pounds and eat healthier (I think everyone has this one). 

Happy New Year Everybody!