Friday, February 25, 2011

For Better or For Worst

Well, Windell and I have been married for a whole week now....I know...big deal - right?  But let me tell you about our week...for better and for worst...

Friday a week ago we got married...We just went to the courthouse in Andalusia and had a nice little ceremony and stayed the night there.  We went to David's Catfish house and had dinner with my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend. 

Saturday we came home so I could go to Katie's baby shower.  It was very nice and from what I understand she got almost everything they need!  We are ready for Caleb to get here so we can meet him...

Sunday was nice and relaxing. 

Before I go to Monday let me let you in on a little secret...Windell and I found out a few weeks ago that I was pregnant...because of some problems and my past two pregnancies I was told to take it easy...I actually was 6 weeks pregnant when we got married...So....

Monday I was in a bit of pain so Windell took me to the ER...low and behold we found out it was another ectopic pregnancy (  However the pregnancy was not far enough along that surgery was we were given he option of surgery to remove the tube or an injection of methotrexate ( and be given a 25% of still facing surgery....We decided to try the injection in hopes that we will be able to try one more time for a baby.

Tuesday....Rest and pain...The pain is caused from the injections - which the doctor warned me about and said that it will probably get worse before it gets better.

Wednesday I went back to the doctor so she could do an ultrasound just to make sure everything was "ok" and that there was no good...

Thursday we went back to the doctor for yet another ultrasound.  Everything looks ok but I am not out of the woods for surgery yet.  I was told o rest and take it as easy as possible.  I am still in pain but I was told that was completely normal.

Today - I feel a little better, but the pain is still there.  I have to go back to the doctor on Monday for another ultrasound and some blood tests for my HCG Levels.  As long as my levels decrease by 25-30% I will have to go back weekly for blood tests and they will monitor them until they research a negative number...if they are not going down I will be scheduled for surgery to remove the tube.  I am nervous, scared, and disappointed...but we will get through will just take time.

Windell was on vacation this week...he spent all week taking care of me and trying to make sure I was comfrontable.  I know that was certainly not the vacation he had planned but I am thankful that he has been here with me and that he is so understanding.  His next vacation is scheduled for April...and it will be much better because he will have a grand baby he can start spoiling!

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