Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where Has January Gone?

I can hardly believe that January is close to being over...only about another week.  I do not have much to say so far about I guess this means this year is off to a good start (LOL).  Even though the year is off to a good start there has been some down time.  I got sick close to the beginning of the month with the flu bug that was going around so I was in bed for almost a week - all better now!  Windell has not been feeling the best lately - I think he is just really tired because he has not been sleeping well...hopefully things will be better for him as this week goes on.

The kids are all doing good.  We do not see them as often as we would like...but I guess that is the way it goes for us.  Stacey is good as far as I know...atleast that is what she tell me - excpet she HATES Chemisty!!! (LOL) 

We went and visited a place called Live Oak Landing here in Freeport...Let me tell you it is beautiful and gives you time to reflect on things.  We will have to go and stay one night in Spring/Summer so we can enjoy the outdoors.  The people there are very friendly. You can relax in one of the cottages or you can spend the day fishing.  The cottages are small, but they have everything you need in them to feel at home...well, everything except your clothes and food!!!  I would recommend this location to anyone who is looking for just get away from the house for a short time frame.  You should check out their website...

Well, that is pretty much all I got for now.  Just wanted to update my blog - but there is not much to update.

Until next time..... 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Slowly but surely...progress!

I was sitting here thinking that it has been a while since my last blog entry so I decided to add another post.  I have a hard time trying to think of things to blog about...I really thought this would be easier...

For Christmas I got the Wii Fit Plus (From Santa of course!!!).  I had been talking about getting on so that I could do some sort of workout without having to join a gym and be out in the heat during the summer.  I know that is terrible but I can not stand the heat outside...anyway...I have found that I really enjoy the aerobics and balance games on the Wii...and I try to make sure I do it atleast 3-4 times a week, even though my goal is to do it daily.

I told myself I would only weigh in on a weekly basis...and I was not impressed with the first 2 weigh ins - I actually gained weight...and was very disappointed and discouraged.  When I weighed this week I have lost 5 pounds...and I know it is probably mainly water weight and ONLY 5 pounds....I am very happy with seeing the lower number!   

If you have never used the program it give you a 'body test' and one you do all of the required activities it tells you your "Wii Fit Age" and the closer you are to your actual age (or the lower) the better "in shape" you are...I have taken my Wii Fit Age from 40 to 32 in three that has to could for something

I have been watching what I eat and the portions along with the exercise so hopefully as I build endurance I will be able to do more and more. 

Jared love the Wii Fit...he actually calls it "The Exercise Game" and wants to play it all the time.  He does not understand all the coordination with the games but he gives them all his best shot and looks forward to the end when he get his "golden stars" from each game.  I have never seen a kid laugh so much while he is playing.  I think his favorite game is the soccer game where he is suppose to hit the soccer balls with his head...but he had much rather laugh when he gets hit with the shoes!!!

Well, I have nothing else to really say right now so I am gonna go do laundry...I know this was a boring post but I thought I would update my blog...still working towards updating this weekly...I will try to find something more interesting to post about next time!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fragile Friendships

"Friendships are fragile things and require as much care in handling as any other fragile and precious thing."   - Randolph Silliman Bourne

With the start of a new year I am happy that I have been able to deal with the fact that a someone who I thought was my friend stabbed me in the back and without thinking twice about it.  This persons actions have not gone unnoticed by me or others.  Of course I miss the "friendship" that I thought we had but I know the true you now and I am OK with the way things have ended up.  I am not the type of person that you can continuously run over to make yourself look good.  I will not conform to your way of thinking and I am not scared to voice my opinion if I do not agree with you.  At a time in my life when I could have used a girlfriend to talk to and lean on you were no where to be found and you let your true colors show by going behind my back (or so you thought) and saying things that were totally false and inaccurate.  Not only that you were working behind my back to destroy my career but also my relationship by putting undo stress into my life.  Thankfully, I now know the true you and I hope that you are happy with who you have become.