Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where Has January Gone?

I can hardly believe that January is close to being over...only about another week.  I do not have much to say so far about I guess this means this year is off to a good start (LOL).  Even though the year is off to a good start there has been some down time.  I got sick close to the beginning of the month with the flu bug that was going around so I was in bed for almost a week - all better now!  Windell has not been feeling the best lately - I think he is just really tired because he has not been sleeping well...hopefully things will be better for him as this week goes on.

The kids are all doing good.  We do not see them as often as we would like...but I guess that is the way it goes for us.  Stacey is good as far as I know...atleast that is what she tell me - excpet she HATES Chemisty!!! (LOL) 

We went and visited a place called Live Oak Landing here in Freeport...Let me tell you it is beautiful and gives you time to reflect on things.  We will have to go and stay one night in Spring/Summer so we can enjoy the outdoors.  The people there are very friendly. You can relax in one of the cottages or you can spend the day fishing.  The cottages are small, but they have everything you need in them to feel at home...well, everything except your clothes and food!!!  I would recommend this location to anyone who is looking for just get away from the house for a short time frame.  You should check out their website...

Well, that is pretty much all I got for now.  Just wanted to update my blog - but there is not much to update.

Until next time..... 

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